Böme thermostatic components and mixing valves

Böme was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of thermostatic components such as industrial valves, shower valves, shower bath mixers, all with a replaceable cartridge system and safe hot water delivery.
Bӧme thermostatic mixing valves are intended for bathrooms in the home, hospitals, care homes and leisure centres, and are chosen by the most well-known companies in the industry.

Why choose Böme thermostatic components

Böme has, over the years, achieved a leading role in the design, manufacture and assembly of thermostatic components for the most prestigious brands, committing itself in the management and implementation of all development stages of the product, investing in technology and manpower to achieve the results required to constantly maintain both performance and quality at the highest level.

Today we can say that Böme thermostatic components are chosen and preferred by the great industrial groups, thus confirming the efficiency of the processes hat have shaped all of our components, from plastic to brass.

Thanks to the painstaking attention dedicated to the production phase, the precision and care for detail achieved by the Company is recognised by customers pursuing the same safety and reliability goals as Böme.

Certified thermostatic components and mixing valves

Böme thermostatic components are guaranteed by quality certifications obtained by the Company..

Customers of Böme thermostatic components

Böme caters to all markets, worldwide, with its components, and understands the requirements of every industrial context. The continuous evolution of the markets is a part of Böme research, aimed at innovating and making their products in line with the growing needs of customers, with regards safety, environmental friendliness, durability and quality of materials.