Innovation and development in Böme thermostatic components

Markets are constantly evolving but the search for an innovative, safe product with durable quality is a constant value in our customers’ requests, as well as in Böme’s commitment to meeting them. It is this commitment to excellence that allows Böme to maintain a role as a privileged partner in the supply of thermostatic components and mixing valves on various international markets, for industrial and public environments. Our international approach enables us to fulfil the needs of every single market, winning our customers’ total trust and satisfaction and turning them into one common objective: a technologically performing product. The worldwide experience of Böme in prototyping, production and assembly of thermostatic mixing valves is combined with a detailed knowledge of each customer’s individual and diverse needs.

Thermostatic components, mixing valves and safety

From the smallest component to overall technology, Böme meticulously cares for each item with regards excellent performance in the various uses, without ever forgetting product applications in contexts where health and safety come first. For this reason Böme products meet the most careful safety and quality requirements. Contact with water, indispensable element of our daily lives, must be preserved from contamination, and Böme technical teams undertake, in all product design, production and assembly phases, to ensure maximum durability, easy maintenance, excellent operation.

Mixing valves to protect against legionella, scalding and for solar plants

Böme provides thermostatic components for industrial and household use with technologies adapted to the different needs of companies that require systems with a hot water supply for household or cleaning purposes, while respecting the precise need for temperature control. Böme thermostatic mixing valves are designed to protect customers from bacterial intruders like legionella, unwelcome scalds, inconsistent water temperatures, and are suitable for solar power plants. Hotels, hospitals, leisure centres, spas are just some of the areas where Bӧme thermostatic components take care of the comfort and safety of water contact.