Thermostatic mixing valves and components for the shower, bath and kitchen

Böme range of thermostatic mixing valves, industrial valves, shower valves, shower bath mixers, all with a replaceable cartridge system safe hot water delivery for bathrooms and washrooms in the home, hospitals, care homes and leisure centres.

From brass to plastic a full cycle

Our highly qualified staff carefully monitors every single stage of the production process within our plant. The same attention and scrupulous care is passed on to our laboratory and then to the thermostatic prototype department. The production cycle includes every single element of our valves, from plastic to brass, and it is rigorously carried out within our manufacturing area, as well as assembly and quality control. This is what makes us proud to be part of a team capable of providing at an international level a 100% made in Böme product.

Safety of Böme mixing valves

Böme thermostatic valves protect against burns by mixing cold water with hot water, thus ensuring a constant temperature if the pressure changes and shutting off if the cold water supply blocks. To guarantee a high level of safety, a versatile product for every kind of customer, and optimal energy saving, Böme constantly strives with research and innovation.